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Improve Dimensional Precision

Any troubles with the un-uniform deformation after molding?

Dimensional precision improves by the uniform cooling with 3D-printed cooling water tube inserts.

Mold Insert by 3D Metal Print

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Improve Dimensional Precision

Are you satisfied with the dimensional precision of the molded products?

Increase dimensional precision by microcellular foam injection molding.

Micro Cellular Foam Injection Molding Technology (MuCell®)

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Improve Dimensional Precision

Want to do multi-zone temperature control to increase dimensional precision.

Multiple units on stack can be possible to provide the temperature up to the max 145°C±0.1~0.3°C with high precision.

High-Performance Small Mold Temperature Controller

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Improve Dimensional Precision

Need precise molding at high temperature but do not like oil-medium type.

Possible for high precision and stable temperature control up to 160°C with water medium type.

Mold Temperature Controller

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Improve Dimensional Precision

Want to reduce residual stress after molding?

Use as a low-priced anneal oven.

Box-Type Dryer (Anneal oven)

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Improve Dimensional Precision

Having difficulty in maintenance with an analog flow meter?

Visualize the state inside the mold to allow optimum condition setting.

Mold Temperature Flow Rate Monitor

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